About Us


To forge ahead with the implementation of revolutionary engineering techniques to create cutting-edge, efficient and high-quality solar energy products that offer a clean, affordable and ecological option of living to our customers.To involve modern technology along with in-depth research for devising products that will serve to increase the conservation and sustainability of the global environment.


At Sun Solar India, our vision is to be recognized as the top Photovoltaics Company and preferred partner in Solar Energy industry. Our endeavor is to provide green energy solutions to people worldwide and to be an integral contributor in reducing global warming and conserving our environment for the future generations.

Our Expertise

Our competent team of professionals and experts are dedicated to consistently produce and deliver solar modules on a global scale that are deeply driven to match our Vision. The key to our success lies in the proficient skills and talents of our diverse workforce which reflect through the innovativeness, high-quality and international standards that they embed in every process, operation and product.

About Us

Sun Solar India is a premier green technology company in India that was established in 2010 as a pioneer of solar technology. As part of the Group that has interest in the fields of Agro-commodities Trading, Contract Farming, Photovoltaics, and Chemicals, we have a strong focus on inspiring better living by supplying reliable and affordable green technology products. Our constant innovation in solar products has endeared loyal customers to us; our value for them is embedded through the advanced technology and expertise employed in the production of every product. Spark International is rooted in honesty and integrity, our core beliefs lie in the values of ethics and fair play. Transparency and integrity are the fundaments of every business process. These qualities are robustly applied in delivering products that not just meet international parameters but also contribute to the sustainment of the world we live in. As a socially responsible citizen, Spark International ensures that its customers and the environment are both served utmost care. Every solution propagated is intrinsically formed with economic and environmental considerations at the forefront. We value our Customers, we value our World.